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-FullStack Web Developer | Linux | Python | Nuxt3, Vue3, Tailwind CSS, Typescript 🧑‍💻

-Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer. Creative Software Engineer. My focus is on creating innovative technology solutions that solve problems and improve efficiency.

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Facial Recognition
Internet of Things
Python Developer

Development of Facial Recognition Algorithms with OpenCV and Python

We present a project that uses a Raspberry Pi to perform real-time face detection and recognition, and sends them to a server written in Django via the MQTT protocol. On the server, facial recognition models are trained with the OpenCV library and sent back to the Raspberry Pi. The objective of this project is to demonstrate the feasibility and potential of using low-cost, high-performance devices to implement facial recognition systems.

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Rest API

Web Portal Development with Nuxt3 and Wordpress

Development of several web portals using Nuxt3 and Tailwind, two popular frameworks for creating modern web interfaces. To get the content of the web portals, I used a headless architecture, where the WordPress Rest API acted as a headless CMS. In addition, SEO best practices were taken into account, to improve the positioning and visibility of the web portals in search engines. To do so, I took advantage of WordPress, which correctly segments its contents by categories, tags, authors, etc., and Nuxt3, which allows server-side rendering, improving performance and page indexing. The result was a set of web portals with an attractive and functional design, dynamic and segmented content, and excellent optimization and positioning.

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Data Science and Machine Learning using Python

To perform the tasks in this field I use Python as a programming language. To perform the scientific computation, I used the Numpy and Pandas libraries, which allowed me to work with matrices, vectors, applying mathematical, statistical and linear algebra operations. For the implementation of convolutional neural networks focused on image processing, I have used the TensorFlow and Keras libraries, which have facilitated the creation, training and evaluation of deep learning models. To visualize the data and the results of these resulting models, I have used the Matplotlib library, which has offered me a great variety of functions and options to generate quality graphics, being useful for decision making.

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Django Rest Framework

Python Developer

I am a Python developer with extensive experience in developing and deploying web applications based on the Django framework. I have used the Django REST Framework to create APIs. I have used Nginx and uWSGI to configure and optimize the web server, ensuring high performance and good scalability of the applications. In addition, I have created Python scripts for Linux system administration, using libraries such as os, shutils, subprocess and sys. These scripts have allowed me to automate and simplify tasks. I have also created Python scripts for security testing and vulnerability monitoring in deployed systems, using libraries such as scapy and request.

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Lambda Functions

Full-Stack Developer

Creation of an interactive dashboard that displays graphs and charts of big data volumes, coming from AWS. For the frontend, I used modern and popular technologies, such as Tailwind, DaisyUI, Quasar UI and Nuxt3, which allowed me to create an attractive, responsive and optimized web interface. For the creation of the charts I used libraries such as ApexChart and ChartJS. For the backend, I used AWS services, such as Cognito, for application authentication, and Lambda Functions, to expose services to the frontend. For the development and implementation of the Lambda functions, Serverless Framework was used to manage and deploy the functions in the cloud. The result was a high quality dashboard, which offers an excellent user experience and a good integration with AWS services.

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