Alejandro Ferran

-FullStack Web Developer | Linux | Python | Nuxt3, Vue3, Tailwind CSS, Typescript 🧑‍💻

-Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer. Creative Software Engineer. My focus is on creating innovative technology solutions that solve problems and improve efficiency.

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I'm Alejandro. I am a developer who loves to program and make all the crazy ideas I come up with come true!

My love for open source software drives me to actively contribute to the community, sharing knowledge and collaborating with other developers. I strongly believe in teamwork and I'm always willing to listen and learn from my teammates. As a self-taught person, I love discovering new tools and techniques that can improve my workflow and the quality of my projects.

To maintain a balance between work and rest, I enjoy walking and listening to music. This practice helps me release tension and return to work with renewed energy, ready to face any challenge that comes my way.

Timeline of my Experiencie

  • FreelancerCuba / Portugal

    Software Developer

    • Implementation of websites using Javascript technologies such as Vue3, Nuxt3 and React JS.
    • Development of microservices architecture to separate frontend logic from backoffice logic.
    • Content management using Wordpress and integrating it with custom sites developed in Nuxt3.
    • Implementation of fast, scalable and flexible sites.
    • Creation of SEO friendly applications, using different types of rendering provided by Nuxt3.

  • AssetmindrEstados Unidos

    Frontend Developer

    • Use of frameworks such as Nuxt3 and SvelteKit.
    • Implementation of AWS Lambdas Functions using Python.
    • Implement user interfaces using Tailwind and DaisyUI.
    • Use of libraries such as ChartJS and Apexchart to implement different types of graphs.
    • Develop a cloud-based solution for the management and optimization of multifamily assets.
    • Development of a dashboard with graphs, tables and personalized alerts, to improve data reading and analysis.
    • Integration with AWS services.

  • Connus ShopPanamá

    Soft. Developer and Systems Administrator

    • Creation of scripts in PHP and Javascript for the maintenance of the store.
    • Creation of a new frontend for the store, using Nuxt3 and Storefront UI.
    • Administration of a system based on Woocomerce.
    • Integration of the system with an ERP, to synchronize all orders, products and clients.
    • SEO tasks using Yoast SEO, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.< /li>

  • Ministry of Higher Education in CubaCuba

    ICT Systems Administrator

    • Deployment and maintenance of Linux-based servers.
    • Detection of network vulnerabilities, using Nmap, Kali Linux, Wireshark and Metasploit.
    • Creation of Python scripts to automate processes on the servers.
    • Manage the network using tools like Zabbix and pfSense


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